Trail run winners

The Kempston Hogsback Trail Run took place in Hosgabck on Saturday, and was well-attended by running clubs from East London as well as those from far afield. Congratulations to all the finishers of the trail.

Podium winners were as follows:

10km Male:

Melikhaya Dyubele: 48:382.

Olwethu Vena: 52:173.

Rodney Westgate: 53:39

10km Female:

Zandile Rubushe: 57:372.

Elne Owen: 1:03:183.

Taryn Hensberg: 1:04:32

21km Male:

Bulelani Mguba: 1:35:192.

Luthando Hejana: 1:37:503.

Malixole Kalideni: 1:42:40

21km Female:

Franza Landman: 2:16:472.

Valmy Bruwer: 2:19:233.

Emma Olley: 2:31:16


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