“Bottom of the World” a surreal experience

Fans of David Lynch-style surrealist cinema are in for a treat with Richard Sears’ Bottom of the World.

The film follows Alex, played by Douglas Smith, who spends the night in a mysterious motel with his girlfriend Scarlett, played by Jena Malone.
In the morning, Alex finds Scarlett missing and begins a frantic search for her.

Things take a strange turn when he wakes up a few days later to find himself in a completely different house and married to another woman he’s never met before. It’s clear early on that there is some larger force at work and soon Alex – along with the audience – is left questioning what is real and whether his mind is as reliable as he thinks.

This film will probably not appeal to everyone.
The story has so many twists that it can be hard to keep up, the heavy-handed religious symbolism may put some people off and the final twist is admittedly a tad cliché.

However, for those who enjoy weird, off-beat experimental film-making, there is plenty to enjoy.


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