Donation to chess club a boost for young players

There was an atmosphere of excitement at the King Chess Club recently after club founder Lawrence Gosling received a much-needed donation from the Breidbach Hub last week.

THANK YOU: Breidbach Hub secretary Sean Carelse, right, hands over a chess board and clock to King Chess Club founder Lawrence Gosling

Hub secretary Sean Carelse handed over two chess sets and two clocks to Gosling, after reading about the club’s plight in the GO! & Express.

“As a hub, our purpose is to intensify the promotion of sport and recreation participation where we provide information, support and give advice on a wide range of sport and recreation activities to make it easier for communities to get involved in a more active lifestyle,” Carelse said.

“We were touched by the outcry of the King Chess Club, which is playing such an important role within our community and immediately made work of it.”

He said they had approached their stakeholder, the Buffalo City department of sport, recreation, arts & culture (Dsrac), and successfully obtained the contribution of the chess sets with the clocks.

Gosling said he was elated with the donation.

“The interest in chess has grown rapidly within the community of Breidbach, especially in the last three months, and there was a desperate need for more sets to accommodate all players,” Gosling said.

In addition to the new equipment, the Hub also sent chairperson Desmond Coetzee to help the club with training.

“Coetzee committed himself in assisting with the training of the players and it is really a great relief since he came on board.

“I appreciate the kindness, support and generosity of the Hub,” Gosling said.

Coetzee applauded his team for their involvement, the department for donation and commended Gosling for his dedication.

“On visiting one of the training sessions, I saw the need to commit myself after seeing Lawrence and his team having their hands full with the many players, consisting mostly of kids ranging from 6-15 years,” Coetzee said.


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