Top tips for travelling with your pets

THINK AHEAD: Make sure to remember your pets when planning your holiday
Picture: PIXABAY

It’s only a few more weeks to go until everyone breaks for the festive holidays and that means people are probably already thinking about their plans.

For a lot of families, those plans will likely include their pets and it’s important that their needs are also catered for.

According to the South African Veterinary Services (SAVA), there are a number of key things that pet owners should keep in mind if they want to include their furry friends in the summer fun.

The first thing to do is to make sure you are well prepared in advance.

Check that your pet’s vaccinations are all up to date and, if necessary, book an appointment with your vet.

While you’re there, think about stocking up on any medication your pet may need – deworming tablets, calming medication and so on.

Next, it’s a good idea to take your pets in for a grooming session before you leave. It is summer after all, and we all know just how hot it can get.

Not only will this keep your pets cool, it will also make it easier to find any ticks or fleas they might pick up.

Okay, so you’ve got all the supplies you need and have made sure your pet’s fur has been given a nice uniform Number 1 buzz all round.

You can now turn your attention to matters of travel.

If your pet is not all that used to making long-distance travel, maybe take them on a few practice rounds to get them used to the idea.

Don’t forget that for a lot of pets, travel is strongly associated with visits to the dreaded vet so be aware that it might be stressful in the beginning.

To help make things easier, keep a doggie bed or blanket in the car along with one of their favourite toys to help them settle down.

If you need to stop along the way, then remember: under no circumstances should you ever leave your pet alone in the car. Either leave a family member with them or take them out on a lead.

When you finally arrive at your destination, draw up a list of activities that you and your pet can do together.

They also want to enjoy the vacation, after all.


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